Tiffany & Co White Gold, Diamond and Sapphire Ring


Tiffany & Co, 750 white gold ring set with a Ceylon sapphire of approx. 6,5 carats cushion cut, approx. 2.9 ct, finger size EU 54.

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Tiffany & Co White Gold, Diamond and Sapphire Ring

Tiffany&co is the epitome of American timeless luxury and one of the world’s leading jewellery brands. Tiffany&Co is worn by celebrities, royalty, politicians and members of the high society. The brand encapsulates the American response to Europe’s panoply of respected jewellery brands such as Cartier, Bvlgari and Boucheron. The history Tiffany&Co starts almost 200 years ago when on the 18th of September 1837, with $ 100 borrowed from his father, Charles Tiffany, and his friend John B. Young, open a store in New York at 259 Broadway 259. They name the store Tiffany & Young.

The store initially sells stationery and luxury items, but business conditions were inadequate due to the financial crisis of 1837. In 1948, the company begins to grow as it benefits from the revolutionary movements in Europe when the brand purchases important European historical jewellery. In 1887, Mr. Tiffany buys some of the crown jewels of the French Empire. Soon the press nicknames Tiffany the “King of Diamonds”. As a result of the European spree of jewellery acquisitions, the company’s reputation grows. In 1850, Tiffany opens another store in Paris and hires John C. Moore, a silversmith, to make silverware exclusively for Tiffany and expands into the design and manufacture of gold jewellery. In 1853 the company was renamed Charles L. Tiffany & Company.

The relationship between Tiffany&Co and the White House is longstanding. In 1861 Tiffany designed a pitcher for President Abraham Lincoln’s inauguration. President Lincoln later presents his wife, Mary Todd Lincoln, with a set of Tiffany&Co pearl jewellery.

Historically, Tiffany attracted more than twenty crowned heads of state from around the world who commissioned a variety of jewellery items. In 1867, Tiffany&Co is the first American company to win the gold medal for jewellery and the grand prize for silverware at the Paris Exposition.

In 1878, Tiffany makes its most important acquisition, the 128.54-carat yellow Tiffany diamond, one of the largest diamonds of its kind in the world. The jewel was worn by Audrey Hepburn in commercials for the classic movie, Breakfast at Tiffany’s. The jewellery can still be seen on the first floor of Tiffany’s Fifth Avenue store today.

This Tiffany & Co White Gold, Diamond and Sapphire Ring is part of the Tiffany ‘Soleste’ Collection.

  • Brand: Tiffany & Co
  • Reference number: 24718
  • Model: Soleste
  • Auriks reference nr: Tif4
  • Condition: Excellent condition
  • Material: Excellent condition
  • Weight: xxxg
  • Ring size: EU size 54
  • Packaging: Auriks Box

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