Graff 18k White Gold and Fancy Intense Yellow Diamond Ring

Nicknamed the “New Harry Winston”, Laurence Graff is the founder of Graff Diamonds, one of the world’s largest producers of polished diamonds, with an estimated value of five billion dollars. Lawrence Graff bought and sold some of the world’s most famous gems to a select clientele: from nobles in Riyadh, India to Hollywood celebrities.

Laurence Graff was born in 1938 in London’s Stepney, to a Russian father, Harry Graff, and a Romanian mother, Rebecca Segal. His interest in jewelry began for Graff at the age of 15, when he dropped out of school and enrolled as an apprentice in a jewelry workshop. As an apprentice, he learned the craft of jewelry making, including repairs and remodeling, popular in England at the time, when people would rather repair a piece of jewelry than buy a new one.

Graff Diamonds was opened in 1960 when Lawerence Graff was only 22 years old. He partnered with an older business partner who was involved in jewelry making, while Graff focused on sales and marketing. Graff took over his partner’s business and by the age of 30, he had built one of the largest jewelry manufacturers in the UK. In 1974 he specialized in selling jewelry to the newly wealthy in the Middle East. The business grew in direct relation to the size of the diamonds in the portfolio, but also according to the reputation of its clients, including Elizabeth Taylor, Sultan of Brunei, Donald Trump, Larry Ellison. Graff has expanded its company worldwide, with its retail chain now comprising approximately 50 stores in the United States, the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and Europe.

Graff 18k White Gold and Fancy Intense Yellow Diamond Ring Specification:

  • Brand: Graff
  • Reference number: XXX
  • Model: Diamond ring
  • Auriks reference nr: Graff2
  • Condition: Very good
  • Material: White Gold
  • Weight: XXXg
  • Size: 17.1mm
  • Ring size: UK size M
  • Packaging: Auriks box
  • Certification: Graff authenticity certificate and copy of GIA certificate

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Graff 18k White Gold Fancy Intense Yellow Diamond Ring Graff 18k White Gold and Fancy...