About Us

About us

We are leading consigners and sellers of authentic pre-owned super-brand designer jewellery and watches at competitive prices.

We are passionate about serving our clients by curating and offering for sale the finest designer pre-owned jewellery and watches. Since 2010, Auriks has grown organically from a small eBay account to one of the leading platforms for online consignment.


  • Returns maximisation

To maximize client returns, we offer only those brands that provide the highest value at the time of sale.

At Auriks, we minimise our overheads in order to keep our prices low. We don’t have expensive high street premises or large teams, so we can pass on the savings to our customers. Our online presence means that we can reach a wider audience without the need for expensive advertising campaigns. And because we don’t have the overheads of a brick-and-mortar store, we can offer our products at a fraction of the price of our competitors. So if you’re looking for quality goods at a great price, make sure you check out Auriks. You won’t be disappointed!

  • Authenticity guaranteed

We place a great deal of emphasis on the authenticity of the items that are consigned as part of our curation process at Auriks. The authenticity of all items we sell is verified in two stages: in-house and by our network of expert jewellery and watch authenticators. (weblink) https://www.naj.co.uk/institute-of-registered-valuers

We believe that when you’re buying something, you should be getting the real thing – no substitutions, no knock-offs, and no fraud. We’re committed to offering our customers the highest quality products available, and we refuse to compromise on authenticity. So when you shop at Auriks, you can be confident that you’re getting the real deal.

  • Respect for heritage

We are committed to maintaining the integrity and heritage of the items we sell. Whenever possible, Auriks works closely with the leading brands whose products we sell to ensure that any repairs are carried out by their artisans. In addition, we also minimize the amount of processing that we apply to the items before they are made available for sale (such as polishing).

  • Sustainability

We all love Mother Earth. Buying super-brand jewellery and watches that have been pre-owned is sustainable in many ways. When you buy second-hand from Auriks, you are giving new life to a piece that already exists instead of mined and created anew which requires quite a lot of energy. Not to mention, the process of mining for gems and metals can be pretty harmful to the environment. Designer second-hand jewellery and watches is not only about being eco-friendly, it’s about being earth-friendly as well.

At Auriks, we are committed to sustainable practices. That’s why for each purchase you make, we plant a tree in your name through the National Trust- Plant a Tree Fund https://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/features/plant-a-tree . We know that it takes more than just good intentions to make a difference. That’s why we put our money where our mouth is and take action to show our commitment to the environment. We want to make it easy for you to do your part for the planet, and this is one small way that we can make a big difference. Thank you for supporting sustainable practices at Auriks!