Boucheron Single-Stone Diamond Platinum Ring

Boucheron is one of the leading French jewellery houses. Over 140 years, Boucheron has paid homage to women and beauty. Boucheron creations such as gemstone arabesques for the elegant woman of the Belle Epoque, geometric earrings for the “femme-garcon” of the crazy years, flowers, butterflies and bouquets for the beautiful 50’s are synonymous with elegance and typical French refinement. Today, Boucheron designs jewellery for the woman of the twenty first century, a woman who is constantly looking for authenticity and passion.

Since 1858, four generations of the Boucheron family have linked their story to that of French luxury jewellery. In 1858, Frederic Boucheron opened his first boutique in Paris opening his eponymous jewellery house. Frederic Boucheron pioneered jewellery making by introducing the engraving of diamonds and of gold inlaid in steel. He was also the first jeweller to start his business in Place Vendome in 1893- the place that would become the centre of the world in jewellery.

The year 1903, began the connection between Boucheron and the exquisite gemstones from the East. In 1903, the son of Frederic Boucheron, Louis, took over the jewellery business and was chosen by the Shah of Iran to evaluate the Iranian crown jewels, called the Iranian hoard and also known as the Treasure of the 1001 Nights.

In 1920 Louis Boucheron travelled to India in search of inspiration and the most beautiful gemstones. In India, he discovered an extraordinary, deep blue stone, a Burmese sapphire that become the emblem of the Boucheron house. Later, he was chosen to create the sumptuous jewellery that enriched the treasures of the Eastern Maharajahs. In 1930 Louis Boucheron was appointed by Imperial Decree the Defender and Patron of Jewellery of Iran, a title that is still valid today.

The aesthetic of the Boucheron house combines exotic motif jewellery with jewellery consisting of simple but innovative lines. This Boucheron Single-Stone Diamond Platinum Ring falls into the Boucheron line of jewellery of minimalistic design, appropriate for both day and evening wear.

  • Brand: Boucheron
  • Model: Single-stone
  • Category: Rings
  • Condition: Excellent
  • Material: Platinum
  • Weight: 7.5g
  • Size: UK K
  • Serial Number: B702 14141li>
  • Auriks reference number:Bouch3
  • Packaging: Auriks box
  • Paperwork: Auriks certificate

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Auriks certificate

Boucheron Single-Stone Diamond Platinum Ring Boucheron Single-Stone Diamond...


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